Conspiracy 365: January

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Author:Gabrielle Lord

Rating: 9.5/10

Genre: Adventure

On December 31st Cal Ormond is chased by a man. The man says “They killed your father, they are out to get you. You MUST lay low for the next 365 days!” On January 1st Cal’s boat is sabotaged. What will they do? To find out, read the series. There are about 15 books. Better get reading!!!


Diary of a Super Swimmer


Author: Shamini Flint

Genre: Sport

Rating: 7.5/10

Marcus’s dad wants him to try swimming but he is not a duck.

Hello book lovers and more

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This represents Oskar                                             This represents Angus

Oskar and Angus are doing a review on books we have read.

Angus’s favourite genre is Historic Fiction and his favourite series is the Do you Dare series. They are about the past and things that I bet have actually happened to a person who lived back then?!

Oskar’s favourite genres are sports and also adventure. His favourite series is The 39 Clues or Conspiracy 365. The 39 clues is where two Cahills criss-cross the globe to find 39 clues. Conspiracy 365 is about Cal Ormond trying to get away from the police because they say he tried to murder two people. To learn more, see the January post or read the books!!

Thank you!!



Author: Pat Flynn

Illustrator: Gus Gordon

Genre: Comedy, Journal


Danny’s cousin is coming over and they are going to have loads of fun. But will it stay on their property?